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General Terms and Conditions

Basis for the event contract:

1. preamble

The Water Sports Center Garda- Surf&Sail and Kite-Guru commits providing their services with care and to provide the services described in the brochure and homepage, while the
customer will fulfil their financial obligations towards the organization.
By signing the event contract, the participant accepts the following terms and conditions.

2. Activity conditions

The participant must be physically healthy, as well as possessing a personal liability insurance that covers damages during the practice of the sport. Furthermore, those who with to partake in a kite surfing course must be able to swim.

3. services of KITE-GURU

The goals of KITE-GURU service are those listed in the brochure and homepage. Due to the fact that kite surf is a sport that relies on the wind condition, the instructor has the right and responsibility to act accordingly. This can lead to a change of location in the case of unforeseen weather circumstances. If the course cannot take place within the prescribed framework, due to weather conditions, KITE- GURU reserves the right to carry out alternative programs. This does not entitle the participant to a refund. Every participant is responsible for their own person. The directions of the instructor must follow.

4. liability regulations

Every course participant declares to be aware of the possible risks of the kite course;
KITE-GURU does not take any responsibility for any damage that might occur during the activities. KITE-GURU has no liability for damages caused by force majeure or weather conditions. In this case, the course participant has no claim to a refund. The customer is responsible for any deliberate damage to the training material.

5. prices

By signing the course participation form, the booking contract is binding and is to be paid in euros.

6. cancellation policy

Only written and registered cancellations stating the reason will be accepted. The cancellation will be official once the organizer receives the receipt. A handling fee of 30% of the price will be charged to the canceling party. Cancellation 7 days prior to the course will result in a full refund of the deposit, followed by a 50% refund if the time frame is not met.
A credit note or rescheduling to another date is possible if the course has been fully paid.
No-shows without cancellation will be charged 100% of the course fees.

7. vouchers

Vouchers can be issued and sold for goods or services. The voucher is valid for 3 years and retains its value according to legal guidelines. A voucher contract is concluded when the voucher has been paid and the voucher has been delivered to the holder. A voucher cannot be cancelled. If the goods are not available, the voucher holder is eligible for a refund. Course vouchers on the other hand cannot be refunded . It is possible to redeem the voucher at another time within the legal expiry date, if an appointment has already been made. Through a written agreement, the expiry of a voucher can be extended by the organizer. Vouchers from external partners are subject to their own terms and conditions and are considered as redeemed when a settlement has been made between the organizer and the voucher seller.

8. contract cancellation by KITE-GURU

  1. All advertised events can only be carried out if the minimum number of 4 participants is reached. If this number is not reached, the organizer is entitled to withdraw from the contract within 3 days prior to the course starts. The payments made will be fully refunded to the customers.
  2. If the course cannot go ahead due to force majeure (natural disasters, acts of war, political unrest, strikes, epidemics, official orders, etc.), the organizer hast he right to cancel the contract. Payments made will be fully refunded. Vouchers with validity periods of up to 5 years are excluded in this case and remain valid until the expiry. Claims for damages by the customer will be rejected.

9. insurance

Participants must have valid personal liability insurance for damages to third parties.
Each participant is responsible for his/her own accidents, health and liability insurance. It is advised to check existing insurances for their coverage.

10. place of jurisdiction

For all legal disputes arising from this contract with the course organizer, the agreed place of jurisdiction is Verona, Italy. Exclusively Italian law is applicable. Additions, changes and supplements to this contract or waiver must be in writing.

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